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Think back, for some of us way back … do you remember picking dandelions as a child? And how excited you were to give them to mom and watch her put them in a glass of water and proudly display them on the kitchen counter or in the kitchen window? It was your way to show mom how much you loved her.

Maybe one or all of your children or grandchildren have given you a gift of these little yellow flowers. And as the recipient of this sweet gift you were always happy to receive it.

So when did we decide this wasn’t a flower to give or receive? When did we start calling it a weed?

I often wonder how a plant becomes a weed rather than a wild flower. Something we want to eradicate rather than cultivate. Something we want to mow down or dig up rather than share with a loved one.

Do we do this with everything? Categorize where something belongs? Pigeon-hole ourselves so we don’t get to experience all life has to offer?

Let’s take a look at this simple yellow flower through a true story.

It’s about a couple who have been married 50+ years. Every day during spring and summer, since they started dating, he brings her one dandelion. Rather than thinking ‘this is just a weed’ she saw it as a token of love which was how he gave it. She put it in a glass of water and placed it on the window sill in her kitchen.

They decided this simple yellow flower was different and together they saw dandelions through a different lens, one of love. Dandelions became part of their love story:

“The yellow flower symbolizes the sun and the hope each sunrise provides.

The globe resembles the moon and reminds us to end each day in gratitude.

And the dispersing seeds floating on the wind represents the stars as a reminder to always dream big, regardless of our age.”

~ Barb Braun, Dandelions, Oola for Women.

I’d like to challenge you to find one person/thing in your life that you may have labelled and see it/them again for the first time through eyes of innocence, as something magical. It could change your life!



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