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I’m Diana Guerin and …


I hate seeing people:

  • Who are suffering because they are stuck or afraid to take a risk or just don’t know where to start
  • Having a regret because of something they didn’t do
  • Who put others 1st and their own dreams 2nd because they think they aren’t important enough
  • Not make the time or think they are not smart enough or you fill in the blank
  • Make excuses that prevent them from having their dreams come true


So today I help people like you who have dreams. I help you:

  • Get clear on your dreams and how you can have them
  • Create a plan to achieve your dream
  • Be confident in your decisions
  • Be excited that your dreams are coming true
  • Continue to have your big heart, that is wide open and to know you are helping others while protecting yourself, your life style and your beliefs


We may be a good fit …

  • You often laugh when you make a mistake or to break the tension.
  • One of your core values is being authentic in all areas of your life even when it is hard
  • You believe without change there would be no butterflies (I heard this on some TV show and just loved it)
  • You are open to and get excited about the vast world of possibilities that stand before you. They could be for you alone or for those you love.


We may not be a good fit if …

  • You are not excited about finding and then executing your dreams
  • You don’t admit that you are accountable for making things happen in your life and I’m not. If you aren’t ready to hold this position that’s OK but you might need a different coach
  • Being yourself is uncomfortable. If you are willing to break those chains of doubt and restraints, I’m here for you but bringing your best self to all sessions is paramount for your success


It’s OK if …

  • You don’t have a clear picture of your dream – we can bring it into focus together
  • You’re not sure you need someone to help with the fine details of your plan. I can help you define the big buckets to get you started
  • You have everything in place but can’t seem to keep the momentum going so you are looking for an accountability partner – I’m your gal!



So, if you are OK with all of this, if you think we might be a good match and you want to see what services I offer …


Or if you are still interested in learning a bit more about me …


Loves & Passions

Learning. I could spend my life being a student and would always be happy. And then sharing what I’ve learned.

Travel and Moving. I really believe I have some gypsy blood running through my veins as I get itchy to move or take a trip after being in one place a few months. I’ve lived in 5 states and traveled in Europe. My favorite countries so far are Greece and Malta.

Labyrinths. I am a labyrinth maker and teacher. I have taught labyrinth workshops in the US and Mexico.

I made a portable 40′ x 40′ 7 circuit chakra walking labyrinth and many 3 circuit finger labyrinths (6″x6″). 

I built a small brick labyrinth in my backyard that I walked daily.

Nature. I adore nature in all species, shapes and sizes. I could sit and watch the birds for hours and haven’t yet figured out how to go outside and spread more seed without them flying away.


Wondering what to do next?

Schedule your 10 minute introductory session with Diana. This session provides you with the opportunity to speak with Diana and see if you two are a great fit!

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