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Are beeps and dings running your life?

Sometimes I feel like my life is controlled by beeps and dings – the microwave beeping “hot water ready” . . .  oven timer “dinner ready” . . . phone chirping “time to get up” . . .  calendar reminders . . . clothes dryer  . . . and I’m sure there are more. How about the timer you set when you meditate so you can forget about the time?  I have to admit I do that.

I know timers are here to help keep us on schedule and they are reminders, but when several are going off at the same time or one after the other, I find it increases my stress level. How do you react?

I sometimes find myself talking to the beeps “I hear you, I’m coming” just like I talk to Mimi when she meows for dinner. Then I laugh at myself and the stress level breaks.

Most of the time it’s easy to manage the beeps and dings . . . to go with the flow . . .  but other times not so much. What’s your tipping point? Tired? Rushed? Behind schedule?  Or did you just look at your To-Do list and realize your list is getting longer, not shorter.

Whatever your tipping point is, when you become aware of what it is you can change your reaction to the beeps and dings.

This week try to notice how many beeps and dings are in your life. How do they help or do they just frustrate you?

Can you eliminate any or do you need to add more?

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