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When you hear the phrase “a balanced life” do you cringe realizing you don’t want to think about it?

But what if you did take just a moment to think about what your life would look like if it were ‘balanced’. Do you imagine:

  • More time with family and friends?
  • Good health on all levels – physical, emotional, mental?
  • Time to travel or read or fulfill a long held dream or just time to breathe and watch a sunset?

I haven’t met one person who doesn’t want more balance in their life or feel like something is missing and once attained would make their life whole.

When we talk about balance what comes to mind, what does it mean? From everything I’ve read and been told, balance is how we see the various parts of our lives, those pieces that fit together and create our unique life.

But as it turns out, no matter how unique we think we are, we all look at similar key life areas and have probably discovered when one or more of these areas get too much attention or not enough attention, the remaining areas suffer. Am I right? Only you can answer that question by looking at your life right now.

What are these key areas? Zig Ziglar came up with 7 key areas to have a balanced life. Dr. Dave Braun and Dr. Troy Amdahl, the Oola Guys call them the 7 Fs. of an Oola Life: Finance, Fitness, Field (career), Fun, Faith, Family and Friends

Whether we like it or not we need to take an inventory today to determine where we stand in each of the 7 areas of life to know where we we want to go tomorrow. Without a starting point you can’t know what needs to be done. You can use the Wheel of Life to help you determine this. Using a scale of 1-10 with 1 at the center of the wheel and meaning not so good and 10 being at the edge of the wheel and being great, put a point on the wheel in each area of where you are today.

You may find that you are doing really well in some areas but not so great in others. You may discover what I discovered – my life is pretty balanced but all my numbers are 2s and 3s. I don’t want a life that is only 2s and 3s. So rather than freaking out and getting down on myself I am looking at this as an opportunity to grow in each area and to challenge myself to move the scores even 1-2 points over the next six months.

We want balance in our life but we also want the space to grow. Without growth we stagnate. We need to consistently stretch ourselves, learn new things, have new experiences, meet new people who have different beliefs and opinions so we can expand our knowledge.

So look at the 7 key areas on the wheel. What number did you assign to each area? What can you do to grow in 1-2 areas over the next 6 months? How can you stretch yourself?

And remember if you have kids they can do this exercise too – it might surprise you what they come up with, you might see you have a goal your family can work on together.

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