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  • Are you trying to solve things on your own and feel it’s taking too long to see results?
  • Are you stuck on knowing your next step?
  • Do you find you are more successful when you have an accountability partner?

Working with a coach may be your answer!


Coaching is all about you. It helps you discover the answers to questions you have now or may have had for a long time but didn’t have anyone to help you think through the answers.

Coaching helps you discover the tools you already have or need to become the person you want to be.

Coaching is a powerful conversation between you and I where you are ready and willing to focus on your personal and professional growth. The relationship we have is focused entirely on your interests, your challenges and your goals. Our relationship is co-creative.

“A few years ago I made a huge change in my career; one that I thought would finally make me really happy. And amazingly it did, until one day I got a phone call from HR informing me that the job I totally loved had been eliminated. I was devastated. Life Coach, Diana Guerin and her nurturing, yet no nonsense guidance, helped me to access the internal motivation I needed to realize what I had was the opportunity to create my own business. Now my success is contingent on my own hard work and ability to grow. I know I could not have made the emotional and professional recovery I had made, in just a few short months, without Diana as my Life Coach!” ~ JK


How to get the most from Your Coaching Experience?

  • Make our coaching sessions a priority. Come to every call with a specific agenda.
  • Complete what you agreed to do in between sessions.
  • Integrate what you learn about yourself.
  • Be open-minded. Try new approaches. Experiment.
  • Be willing to change your beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you


Wondering what to do next?

Schedule your 45 minute complementary coaching session with Diana. This session provides you with the opportunity to speak with Diana and see if you two are a great fit!


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