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Do you do things you consider fun? Or do you push them aside because they just won’t get you closer to your goals?

I was going through my desk today and came across my old calligraphy work books. I loved doing calligraphy and used to practice for hours. I had a wide array of nibs and many bottles of inks in different colors. That was 25 years ago when I lived in NY.

As I looked at the old work books I thought it might be fun to try it again but I had no idea where my supplies were – you see I’ve moved four times since NY.

One of my chores for the day was to pick up something at a local craft store, something completely different, but found myself looking at calligraphy sets (nibs, quill and ink). I put one in my basket and proceeded to find what I actually came for.

Then I started thinking, one of my goals is to eliminate credit card debt and not spend money on things I really don’t need so I put the calligraphy set back on the rack. To be honest I felt pretty good, no impulse buying for me today! I’m sure you’ve had that same feeling when you realize you really don’t need something and decide not to buy it. My logical mind also chirped up “you have no reason to do calligraphy and you can probably find a font that looks like calligraphy if you need it. Yea you don’t need that set”.

I was still thinking about it hours later. I found it odd that I have my books and papers so my nibs should be someplace – the hunt began and the short story? I found my nibs but no ink.

So now I have a dilemma – do I do something just for fun and delay more important things or do I throw caution to the wind and spend hours doing something that leads nowhere?

This isn’t the first time I’ve faced this dilemma and in the past I’ve pushed the fun activity aside and did the things I needed to do for work and business.

I know how important it is to spend time doing things you think are fun. Your idea of fun may be different from mine. And I’ve learned that what was fun when I was younger may no longer hold that same appeal today. And there are so many studies that show fun and play have a positive impact on our lives as long as that’s not all we do. Who wants a life that is only focused on playing video games in their parents’ basement – that’s taking fun to a completely different level right?

Since I don’t have ink I can put my calligraphy ideas aside for the time being without feeling guilty or stressed. We’ll see what happens next.

What do you do for fun? Are you like me and over analyze it? Do you insert fun into your life regularly or do you ignore it? Let’s all find 1-2 things to do this week that are fun and that bring joy into your life!

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