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“The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.”  ~ Flora Whittemore
Throughout our life we are presented with doors that impact our experiences, our journey and our relationships. Some of these doors are closed, others are wide open asking us to cross their threshold.

Doors can be physical as well as reside within our hearts and minds. They open to new ideas, new relationships, new experiences, or are closed because of loss, fear and anger. 

Every door has a story to tell about our past, our present and our future. We stand between doors as we ponder what to do next.

Doors hold the key to our memories, fears and dreams.

Do you ever think about doors? Some people are fascinated by them and fantasize about what stands on the other side. Others see them as common place items and pay no attention as they pass them.

Doors, physical or imagined, come in all shapes, sizes, colors and designs. They help to define homes and buildings. They provide privacy where we can close out the world and be in our own space.

Behind closed doors we can be true to ourselves and dance in the nude if we feel so inclined. Behind closed doors we can have intimate moments with a lover or deep conversations with a friend.

Doors can make us feel secure but some doors can make us feel isolated and alone.

Are your doors open or closed? We might as well admit it, we all have both – open and closed doors. But closed doors can prevent us from starting something new, some don’t allow us to consider other ideas or ways of life, some prevent us from seeing people for who they are especially if they are different from us. Some doors make us feel small, lessen our confidence and be afraid of what could be on the other side.

Closed doors don’t have to remind that way. It’s possible to get them to open even if just a crack. Look at all of the doors we have – some have small windows at the top, key holes large enough to look through and then there are doors that slide to one side so you can peek around them.

It’s time to look at your doors. Be in wonder about what is on the other side of the closed doors and celebrate all that you have done by walking through your open doors. We all have different journeys so what I see through my open door will differ from what you see through your open door. Hint – I see faeries and rainbows beckoning me to come a play. Sometimes I walk through that door but sometimes I walk through another open door, depending on the day.

I wish for you the ability and desire to look at what your doors are offering you and to take a chance and walk through them.


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