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New beginnings – What do we have to release?

“How can I begin anything new with all of yesterday in me?”
Leonard Cohen (Beautiful Losers)

I love this quote by Leonard Cohen because it sums it up so beautifully. We are our experiences, our past. We are what we hold onto. We are our STUFF! Our internal stuff and our external stuff. And we start each day with it, each new adventure with it, the rest of our life with it. Or do we?

The experts say release the old, discard what you don’t need. How about this one “If you haven’t worn it in the last year give it away.” I’ve tried doing all of these things and it’s not that easy. images

Old external stuff – I have boxes and boxes of it. When I moved from CA to GA I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to weed through the ‘stuff’ and … I did give away boxes of stuff but I still have 3 closets full of stuff in boxes. Some I can justify but well I can come up with a reason to whole on to all of it while continuing to say “I really need to get rid of some of this stuff.”  Talk about being of two minds.

But the truth is we do have to release some things to make room for new things in our life.

  • We release being single when we get married
  • We release high school when we start college
  • We release the old job when we get laid off and start a new job

What do you need to release to be able to start anew, to move forward?

I guess it depends on what is stopping you, if you really want to face it and of course the answer to this question is going to be different for everyone.

We all have “I can’ts” and “I don’ts” in our lives. It’s OK to admit it because once you do, you will start catching yourself when you hear yourself start to say either of these phrases. Sometimes we say them without even realizing it so ask a friend or family member to tell you when you’ve said “I can’t” or “I don’t”. Once you are aware you can take action to change to “I can!” and “I do”. And then your new beginnings start.

Last week was a full moofull-moonn (lunar eclipse too). A full moon shines a light on who you are and gives you the opportunity to make changes over the next few weeks by releasing the old, making room for the new. The full moon in the month of Aries has names associated with what is happening in spring in the northern hemisphere. Names like Maiden Moon, Planting Moon, Budding Moon, and Awakening Moon. It’s celebrated with eggs and hares which are symbols of fertility and birth – new beginnings. Nature all around you is showing you its new beginnings.

How are you showing the world your new beginnings? What can you release to make room for what’s to come? Here are a few ideas:

  • less TV/movies to make time to exercise (this is something I need to do)
  • less sleeping in on Sunday so you can volunteer (this is something I do)
  • less “I can’t” and more “I can” (this is something we all can do)

New beginnings are hard work and can be very uncomfortable. New beginnings also mean something has to end, a change has to occur.

So my question to you is – What have you started? What is your new beginning? And have you celebrated it? I hope you have!

I love new beginnings, even the hard ones because who you are as you come out the other side is always amazing!

I would love to hear what you started, so please share.

I believe in you,


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