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How did you nourish your soul this weekend?

This weekend I wanted to do something different. I wanted something to nourish my soul. Normally on weekends I do chores or work on my business but to be honest doing that all of the time gets old. I went to the Open-air Meditation Sanctuary (OMS) in Eureka Springs.

It turned out to be a beautiful day but as usual the plans I made didn’t turn out as expected. You can add getting lost (GPS was not working well), finding one destination closed and not finding a parking spot after 30 minutes so I left, to the list of mishaps.

OMS is a place with a path you follow to 14 different mediation stations. Sounded lovely and just what I needed – some time to be in nature and to just pause and enjoy. 

As I walked from one station to the next I had the feeling I was lost on the path. The path included forks with no clear direction to the next station. I stopped and wondered which path to take? Was this walking journey to be a metaphor for my life? I’m not sure about you but I don’t always know which direction to go in next.

I do know that you have to make a decision and take a chance when you arrive at a point like this. It may be risky or at least feel that way, but making a decision opens you up to a new adventures, new possibilities. So I would just chose the path I thought was right and continued to walk.

I arrived at stations 1-5 but then found myself at station 14, the last one. How did I miss the others?

Was I not looking at the ‘in betweens’ of the journey or was I just looking at the end point and really missing the journey?

I have to say I was disappointed that I came to the end too early, before I was supposed to or was it planned that that was to be my journey for the day? I back-tracked and found station #6 and the path to station #7 but decided to come back at another time. It was getting too hot and humid to continue.

I told myself that not walking the entire circuit was OK. I enjoyed what I walked and loved what I experienced, even the spider webs and bugs.

This experience got me thinking – do I depend too much on being told what to do next or do I see the sign posts along the way and ignore them. Probably both and then there is that part of me who loves taking risks and takes that leap of faith and jumps into the next possibility with both feet and open arms. What about you?

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