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Oh Shift!


How to change your life with a little f’in shift


Are you ready to take your life back?

Do you want to release what is no longer working and is holding you back?

Do you walk around wondering “Why did I just do/say that”?

Diana Guerin is an Oh Shift! program licensed facilitator. The program was created by coach and author Jennifer Powers.

This program

  • Invites you to take a deeper look within
  • Shows you that you have a choice in what you think, say and do
  • Uncovers your stories – where they came from, how they affect you and how you can change the stories that no longer benefit you

“Throughout the program both concepts and practical steps/guides were provided to apply to life’s circumstances.” ~ KS


“Really got me thinking about how to make some positive changes in my life in the coming year. (2017)” ~ JK

Oh Shift! can be delivered in private 1:1 sessions or with a group.


Wondering what to do next?

Schedule your 45 minute complementary coaching session with Diana. This session provides you with the opportunity to speak with Diana and see if you two are a great fit!


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